Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre Art List

So, absolutely everyone and their mom is having an art opening this weekend. It's partly due to the semi-annual DADA gallery walk, but also lots of other stuff like the 500x member show. I haven't had time to process it all yet, and won't until later tonight, but I thought you should know about an important show going on tonight, September 10, from 6-8 PM at Dunn and Brown Contemporary.

"World-renowned artist Dale Chihuly and his team of installers from Seattle have transformed the 3,000 square foot Main Gallery at Dunn and Brown Contemporary into an immersive world of light and brilliant color. The exhibition will feature Chihuly’s signature Macchia, Seaform, Persian, Putti, and Basket glass works. In addition, three monumental installations of glass – Sunset Boat, Persian Wall, and Neodymuim Reeds and Clear Heron – will create a dazzling landscape in the darkened exhibition space."

Dale Chihuly
Dunn and Brown Contemporary Gallery
September 10 : 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
5020 Tracy Street, Dallas, Tx 75205

Image not courtesy of someone on Flickr who took a picture of a Chihuly piece.


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