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Okay, this list is by DL, NM, and FP. The writeup on John Maus almost reminds me of something out of the old Rollerderby zine. Anyways, I'm sure I forgot something and I'm sure you'll remind me. Thanks to everyone who made my week easier, specifically, Shep and Josh at Rubber Gloves, Time Bandits, Vulgar Fashion, Kashioboy, and everyone that came out on Wednesday night. Sometimes I almost don't hate local music. (DL)

PS- Time Bandits re-opened today at noon and will be having a Grand re-opening soon.


DJ Select and AV (Murray Street Coffeehouse): From 5 PM to 9 PM.

Stereo On Strike Atomic Party With Convextion/Phantastes/War Wizards (The Fallout Lounge): This is the first War Wizards show in years, featuring the talents of Atomic Party curator, Wanz Dover, along with the always crazed vocals and confrontational showmanship of Lars Larsen, who incidentally also plays in Phantastes. We should have a free War Wizards track for you in the "News" section, when I get around to it this weekend. Internationally renowned techno phenom Convextion also performs. I appreciate the fact that the Discogs bio for Convextion describes his hometown of Dallas as "unlikely." You don't say. (DL)

Organ Failure/Hawaiian Breeze/The Turkish Admiral/Jinmenju/New Fumes/AFTV/Habeeb (Wasted Words Art Collective)

Will Johnson/Liz Durrett (Dan's Silver Leaf): Will Johnson makes music that has been around since the first time someone coupled an unkempt beard with a designer cowboy hat. Maybe it’s the fact that when anyone references his work, especially his lyrics, it is referred to as a “a masterpiece”; that has always rubbed me the wrong way. I just don’t hear it. I’m not saying every musical experience has to be a genre-bending-mind-fuck, but yeah, all relationships are doomed to fail, and you listened to The Eagles growing up. We get it. There is only so much one man can do with a gruffy voice, fuzzed out guitar, and confessional lyrics, and it had all been done by 1978. If you are looking for a poor man’s Son Volt, and I know a lot of people who are, then this is the show for you. (FP)

Great Tyrant/Caddis/Magnus/The Me-Thinks (Lola's Sixth)

Old Snack/Ghost Owl/Thriftstore Cowboys (Hailey's): Pretty much picking up where Aaron White fronted power-pop act The Make Believers left off, is Old Snack, though the group has been shaved down to a trio, and therefore makes up for the extra space with extra speed and extra grit. I don't remember TMB being quite as dirty and amped; even the bass guitar sounds nastier. Listen for the subtle charms like taking an old Flamin' Groovies tune and over-driving past what should still qualify as "sounding good," but damn my damaged ears if doesn't actually achieve just that. Pretty sure this is one of those bands where the members actually all "like the songs." Weird. (DL)

Select/AV (Zubar)


Chairlift/John Maus/Sydney Confirm (Hailey's): God must have heard my creepy whispers and obsessive hopes, because this show is going to be the answer to many of my prayers. Strangely left off of Hailey's advertising, the reason why I wouldn't miss this night for anything is named John Maus. And he is the most delightful creature I've ever had the displeasure of not meeting.

My first introduction to Mr. Maus, sometimes-member of Haunted Graffiti and sometimes-keyboard-player to Panda Bear, happened on a tape deck of my friend's car as we were driving to Ikea. As a part of a mix that included complements such as Ariel Pink and Arthur Russel (because I can now only think of that tape as something surrounding him, adding to his music), John Maus' brooding, baroque, keyboard-induced melodies were sneaked into my life...which would in turn never be the same. When I got home and started to build my cheap shelves, I listened to every track I could find by him. For hours. I went to sleep that night thinking of his music. And woke up a firm fan. A follower. A convert.

His synth-ey songs are a very un-produced, echo-laden, and deep-voiced mixture of the soundtrack for a low-budget 70's sci-fi film, and a piece of classical organ/religious music circa Bach. His songwriting is beautiful, intelligent, shy, self-deprecating, at times violent and intensely humorous. "Love is Real," his only full-length album, released on Upset the Rhythm! but never in America, is completely wonderful from beginning to end. "Songs," a compilation of some of his earlier tracks, has tracks I've worn out from listening to them so much. Who can say no to "Maniac?" Or the video that goes along with it?

I'm not sure what makes someone into a "Mausketeer," but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's suffered the Maus effect. John's website, Mausspace, is full of us. People who judge their other friends by how they feel about Maus, who think can't pick a favorite Maus song because they're all so wonderful, who have thrown Maus-themed parties (including Maus cake), and people whose significant others genuinely fear abandonment if John ever took an interest in their partner. Basically, people who would scare John Maus if he met them in real life. And this Saturday, I would recommend everyone to make the leap into this type of thing.

Chairlift and Sidney Confirm should also be fun to watch. (NM)

Video/Yeah Def/BC The Dinosaur/Sans Soleil (Rubber Gloves): This looks like yet another great, free show, and a good place to hop scotch back-and-forth to between sets at Hailey's. Look both ways crossing Bell though, kids. Don't miss Video. (DL)

Hot Flash with Genova/Schwa/Killtron (The Fallout)

Throw Me The Statue/The Brunettes/Nurses (The Cavern): Whoa, I got a suckerpunch of a listening experience out of Throw Me The Statues; my first thoughts were that someone took the dinky backing tracks of label-mates I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, and paired it with some "Sweater Song"-styled vocals. That's probably the best thing I can say about this, because that's almost funny. I can't believe this band is on Secretly Canadian. I used to really like that label. And some of you wonder why We Shot JR covers grindcore shows. (DL)

Rise And Shine Records Benefit with Division Of Power/Negaduck/Scum Rush/Raging Boner/Zwounds (1919 Hemphill): Note: All proceeds from this show go towards putting out the first Negaduck seven inch. (DL)


Little Gold/Angel Núñez/Peopleodian (Bee's Manor located at 306 Texas St.)

For Your Pleasure With DJ G (Hailey's)

Screening By Martin Iles: "The Apple" (Dan's Silver Leaf): Apparently this early Eighties musical predicted the future, which means I have to check it out because I hate the future. Oh, and it takes place in 1994, which certainly isn't the future, but I wish it was. (DL)


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