Friday, September 18, 2009


SR and DL still won't return our calls so here is me and nite maus's ramshackle list. (We usually just have our PAs return calls for us, but they're on vaca this weekend. DL and I will be back in action on Monday-- SR)


Fungi Girls/The Beets/Air Waves/The Jesus Furs (J&J's Pizza)

Are the Fungi Girls too young to be playing the music they play? Or perhaps similar musicians are too old to be playing music so youthful? Regardless, you will feel like an old has-been seeing these dudes play, but boy you will have a good time. Remember kids, J&J's closes at 12 so be sure to get there early, as the rest of the bands seem to have the same vibe going on as the Girls. Should be fun. (FP)


Motorhead/Nashville Pussy/Revered Horton Heat (Palladium Ballroom)

Earlier this week I was sitting in a DART station when it hit me that music (and Dallas public transportation) was going straight to hell. Seriously, what a unique epiphany right? I saw a kid, iPod earphones blaring, with a Guitar Hero shirt, crispy-clean just ironed from his mother’s hot stack of laundry. This kid looked happy with himself and his position in life, and I realized…fuck getting a good review on Pitchfork. Just get a song on Guitar Hero and you’ll be eating pretty well for decades.

Anyway, the point is, I bet you 95% of the world’s population doesn’t know anything about Reverend Horton Heat except for Psychobilly Freakout,” and 99% of those people heard it on Guitar Hero. And I bet you at least 8 of those people will be at this concert, and that there will be general assent when they play that song (fists in air, head nods, interchanged glances). And they probably WILL play that song, as surely as David Byrne played "Burning Down the House" on his last tour.

Motorhead won a Grammy in 2005 for a Metallica cover. Is that an insult or a prize? I’m surprised this show isn’t at House of Blues. As for Lemmy, I’ll skip the meth jokes and say authoritatively that he “defines, eats, breathes, shits and exudes cool. He’s hands-down the motherfucking coolest human being in history.” I have that on good faith.

Also, Dave Mustaine is endlessly entertaining. I think of him any time one of these bands from the 80’s LA scene comes around. Just watch Some Kind of Monster, fast-forward it to any time he talks (and cries) and you’ll have the warm fuzzies for days. I bet he’s sitting at home this very moment thinking about how Motorhead should’ve dedicated that Grammy to him.(NM)

Vanilla Ice/Mad Mexicans/Forever Sunday (Trees)

When I was a kid, I thought Ice Ice Baby was the shit . It was a song that went well with my Legends of the Hidden Temple t-shirt and my brick-sized Gameboy. Yet I always thought that I was hearing something that would someday die. I think North Texas this weekend went out of its way to prove that some things last forever.

I’ve heard a rumor that the new Trees is booking just to make money for a while, and after they’ve cashed in they’ll start bringing in bands that are actually worth paying for. I smell deceit. Why is every house show I’ve ever been to better than any lineup they’ve brought so far? Take it from Captain Planet. You don’t need money to succeed, you need “heart!”. (NM)

With a name like Hellbastard I'm sure you know what you are getting into. Highlight here is the Gonzalez bro's project Akkolyte, who always rip it up and leaves the crowd's necks throbbing. (FP)

Dear Human/Kaboom!/Babar/Vexed UK (Majestic Dwelling Of Doom)

The debut performance of Vexed UK, a collaboration between local avant-goddess Sarah Alexander and Gutterth hype man Micheal Briggs. Lets hope it is more this and less this. Kaboom! put on one of the best shows around these parts and they have been playing less and less recently so get your ass there. (FP)


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