Friday, September 25, 2009


There's a band playing this weekend at 1919 called "Cruddy," and that's what this list is: cruddy. Sorry, everyone. Everything went wrong today and I only got to describe the Boy Tap set. There's something kind of amazing about that. See you next week. -Defensive Listening


Desolation Wilderness/Florene (Ochre House located at 825 Exposition in Dallas) Ten dollars. All ages.

Sydney Confirm/Ishi (Double Wide)

Secret House Show with Yeah Def (Denton): hit up for details.

The Percolator with A1/Select/Broken Teeth Crew (Zubar): Hosted by Mollotova.

Busdriver/Abstract Rude/Schwassanova (upstairs) (The Cavern)

Raging Boner/Rotundus/Embolization/Unit 21/Life Erased/Cruddy (1919 Hemphill)

Black Fridays With Keith P (Fallout Lounge): Guest DJ set from Anthony Stanford. Unofficial afterparty for The Horrors.

Ian Bangs/ BC Tha Dinosaur/Gun Gun/ Fire Nation/Last of the Interceptors/The Daily Beat (Rubber Gloves)


Billingham's Defense System One Year Anniversary Party with BDS/Ocelot/Boytap/Sydney Confirm/Richard Blake/Select/Big J/Schwa/Yeah Def (Fallout Lounge): Show starts at 5:30 PM and there will be barbecue for early attendees. I saw Boytap recently and was impressed by the cohesiveness of the show despite the fact that the group admitted to not having played together much previously. Their set consisted mostly of party music fair that didn't take itself too seriously; synth pop with outrageous vocal antics, but backed by an extremely capable backing band including members of The Frenz as well as Heaven Is A Hotel for that particular show. Happy Anniversary to BDS, and thanks to Schwa for always playing "Optimo."

Birds of Avalon/Maleveller/Yam/Dead Beat Poetry (The Lounge)

Record Hop/PVC Street Gang/The Cocky Americans/On After Dark (Boiler Room)

Spooky Folk/Chris Flemmons/RTB2/New Science Projects/Baruch The Scribe/Peoplodian/Boom Box Society (The Schoolhouse located at 914 Bolivar)

Mount Righteous/Hard Times/The England Ramaband (Zuroma located at 2140 Hall-Johnson Rd #118 in Grapevine )

ADD: Inner Realms/Outer Realms Benefit: Improv Lottery with Sarah Alexander/Gerard Bendiks/Nick Cabrera/Michael Chamy/Mark Church/Kim Corbet/Chris Curiel/Aaron Gonzalez/Stefan Gonzalez/Nevada Hill/Jim Lenhart/Stephen Lucas/Mike Maxwell/Kenny Withrow/Brandon Young (Phoenix Project located at 406 S. Haskell St.)


Tiger Shark Death Brigade/Warcola/Violent Messiah (Phoenix Project)


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