Thursday, December 10, 2009

Art List

Admittedly, I'm not very good at analysis and criticism. Under my tutelage, this Art List has been a little weak, blandly aggregational, and featuring some really piss poor interviews! But I'm pretty good at organizin' stuff. So, I'm trying to get some outside help to make this We Shot Jr feature better. In the next few weeks, you will also be reading some content from a person representing the Mid-Cities / Fort Worth side of our Metroplex, and his/her special name is going to be: Sandy Corn-Hall.

But I need your help, too! If you or someone you know has hard-hitting art opinions to express, or the desire to develop some while documenting the Dallas / Fort Worth art scene, would you please have them squirt a little email over to

The only thing really going on this weekend is Art Conspiracy. The challenge to the artist at this event is to paint a painting on plywood in sub-freezing temperatures in less than 2.5 hours' time. This happens on the annual Friday night painting event (it's closed to the public). Then on Saturday night all the somewhat-crippled paintings are auctioned off to support a local charity. This year's beneficiary is Resolana TX. Resolana is a pretty incredible organization, they are "a community-based nonprofit organization that provides holistic, gender-sensitive, rehabilitative programming for incarcerated women" in North Texas.

So, Art Conspiracy is happening on Saturday at 7PM. Come spend your Christmas gift money here. There are also a bunch of musical acts playing. I bet DL will cover that tomorrow. Maybe go beforehand to see the opening at Barry Whistler. It's called "Snow White" and runs from 6-8PM, at 2909-B Canton Street, Dallas, Tx 75226.

Have a good weekend,
Richardson Heights

The image is taken from Resolana TX's flickr stream of art created by inmates.


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