Monday, December 07, 2009

It List: Monday

Just the usual tonight, unless you're into ultra-corporate pop-punk. That's not fair actually, some of you really are, even those of you whose taste I really respect. You know who's really good? The Fleetwoods. So timeless. I could listen to this all day, and sometimes I do. There is something really beautifully eerie and lonely in the recordings. Especially coupled with the All-American cookie cutter image. And just check out that album cover. I have this thing at home and the colors are unbelievable. Anyways, here's their a capella version of "Unchained Melody." Have a good evening.

Cool Out (The Cavern)

Mayhem Mondays (Fallout Lounge)

Critical Mass Bike Ride (Downtown Fort Worth): From the invite: Meet at 6:30pm at the ITC station, 1000 Jones St. Downtown Fort Worth.

Bad Ass Jazz (The Amsterdam)


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