Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It List: Tuesday

Mammoth Grinder/Harm's Way/Wiccans/Power Trip/Human Error (1919 Hemphill): As you may have noticed, and possibly even complained about, Mammoth Grinder made our sometimes-contributor Street Meat's top records of 2009 list, which despite what you may think of it, at least didn't look like a carbon copy of so many lists I've seen online. This is a very good lineup, and for a very good cause, seeing as it's actually a breast cancer benefit. From the invite:

This will be a night of AGGressive music and good times while helping somebody in need. the profits of this show after paying mammoth grinder and harm's way will be going to Zenaida Martin, Tina's mom, who is currently in a fight with breast cancer. recently, an organization called the "celebration of life" attempted to hold a fundraiser for her, with a big auction/dinner event to help cover medical expenses. these events are usually a huge help, because on top of any money the dinner generates, the texas senate donates a minimum of $2000 to any of these COL sponsored events. but because of some red tape bullshit, an organization administrator completely fucked things up, and the event wasn't an "official" event. basically, it hurt the turn out, and of course, no money came from the senate. money was actually lost, rather than gained. this show is the least that we can do to help this struggling family that means so much to many of us.

Anyway, here's the flyer to this bad boy. Mammoth Grinder's new CD just came out on Relapse Records. i can't fucking wait for this show. there's a minimum $5 donation for cover, but we highly encourage added donations - seeing that this is a benefit. many of you will obviously not be able to make it to the show. if that's the case, and you are feeling generous, you may paypal a donation to chunki_munki@yahoo.com , which i will in turn write a check to family. if everybody could help just a little by posting this everywhere, other boards, blogs, make facebook events, call local NPR and college metal shows, tell your friends, whatever you can think of. it's really important to me to raise as much money for the family as i can. thank you for your support and see yall there!

Center Divider/Emil Rapstine/Dim Locator (Will Kapinos of Jetscreamer) (Dan's Silverleaf)

Note: Disqo Disco has been canceled due to work on the building.


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