Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Morning Rock


MON: Neon Indian/Ishi/Fizzy Dino Pop/Yeah Def (The Granada)
MON: Leg Sweeper (Billiard Bar)
TUE: Mammoth Grinder/Power Trip/Harms Way/Wiccans (1919 Hemphill)
TUE: Center Divider/Emil Rapstine/Dim Locator (Dan's Silverleaf)
WED: True Widow/Switchblade Razors/
WED: Darktown Strutters/Twisted Wires (The Lounge)
THU: Billingham's Defense System/Ocelot/Blake Ward (Fallout Lounge)
THU: Big J/Boy Tap/Melissa Meow (The Cavern)
THU: James Prichard/Cyberina Flux/4D/Michael Todd/Cygnus (Leer St. Warehouse)
THU: DJ G/Vulgar Fashion/Twisted Wires/Orvahnt's Engine/Visuals by Tommyboy (Hailey's)
THU: Bad Sports/Uptown Bums/Video/DJ No Dad (Rubber Gloves)
THU: Geezus Krust/Hoodrat (4308 Eastside in Dallas)
FRI: Goldmund/Sunnybrook/Adam Pacione (Dan's Silverleaf)
FRI: My Ears Bleed/Kaboom (Muddy Waters)
FRI: Matthew And The Arrogant Sea/Cartographers/One Hundred Flowers (Hailey's)
SAT: Electric Vengeance/Tattered Flag/King Ivy/Youth Aggression/Hood Rat (1109 Hills Dr. in Grand Prairie)
SAT: Kate Simko/Planet Doobias/Dragon Lazer (Zubar)
SAT: La Dispute/Native/Zwounds/Jubilee/The Reptillian (1919 Hemphill)
SAT: Select's Birthday Bashment with Select/DJ AV/Cokni O'Dire (Zubar)
SUN: Shiny Around The Edges/Babar/Baruch The Scribe/Ok Sweetheart (Dan's Silverleaf)
SUN: Bolth/Torchrunner/Systems/Collick/Mass Sterilization Phoenix Project)


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