Monday, January 25, 2010

It List: Monday

Wow, there aren't a lot of worthwhile shows going on tonight, but there sure seems to be quite a bit of talk in the comments section of the most recent Weekender post concerning the merits of this year's NX35 festival. I was considering writing about it all today, but before I did, I realized that I really hadn't examined the line up in as much detail as I'd like to, and I haven't even listened to the festival's flagship act, the Flaming Lips, in several years, so I think I'm going to do a little more research before I join the debate, even though a quick glance at the Dallas/Denton acts I'm familiar with doesn't look incredibly promising aside from a few highlights. I never expect to like most of the bands at a festival anyway, and I'm not even going to be in Texas when it takes place, so don't expect much of a forceful response from me. Oh, and "making Johnny Iskander look like fucking Tony Wilson" is funny no matter what your opinion is of any of the people involved in this debate.


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