Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It List: Tuesday

One of the reasons we've always been anonymous is because we felt that content, above all else, was more important than the individual personalities of the people writing it. Has it annoyed us when people try to figure out our identities? Sure it has. That's mostly old news anyways, and I'm trying to ask a larger, and rather hypocritical question here: Isn't the "Why Denton Sucks" Twitter intriguing, and wouldn't you like to know who writes it? I go back-and-forth between thinking that it's a pretty lighthearted local celebrity roast, to wondering if maybe it's just the sounding board for the petty and personal grievances of someone who goes out every night in the 940. I can relate since I've been accused of both, but I've mostly tried to avoid the personal digs, as have most of the contributors here. But still, it sure would be interesting to find out who's behind it all. I now leave it to you: the mature, educated, and refined comment-posters of We Shot JR to share your thoughts and ideas with me...

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