Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It List: Wednesday

First of all, we've added two MP3s Ga'an shared with us to our interview post, and you can download them directly below this post. Shows tonight:

The Skuds/Akkolyte/Man the Conveyors/Life Erased (Phoenix Project): I love it when decent hardcore/grindcore/gutter shows come through town and Akkolyte is still the best band of the bunch. Not feeling much of what the Skuds do, which seems to be more or less by the book yet effective, but Man the Conveyors sound fairly brutal.

Sydney Confirm/Piles (Cavern)

The Ish with Classixx (Ghostbar): Ok, so Classixx are probably pictured in the dictionary next to "hipster remix broz," and their work on tracks from Major Lazer and Yacht would be the attached MP3s for the entry if said dictionary happened to be online. Most of the stuff I've heard from them over the past year or so has been more or less workman-like and solid, and I'm sure you could probably have a pretty good time at this if you're the kind of person who would even consider going in the first place, not that there's anything wrong with it. Seriously. It's just that I've wondered lately where this entire scene and aesthetic is going to go from here-- it just seems that the actual output from this crowd, whether it be music or fashion or whatever, kind of stopped being interesting a while back, and I feel like its been a couple years now since any of these Hollywood hipster scene bros have done anything very compelling, artistically or otherwise. I'm not really attacking anyone in Dallas who's involved with these shows, either, because I'm no longer there and don't have personal knowledge concerning how these parties go down, but at the risk of sounding trite, I feel like Fergie really captures what I want to say about this stuff: so 2000 and late.


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