Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Rock

WED: The Skuds/Akkolyte/Man the Conveyors/Life Erased (Phoenix Project)
WED: Sydney Confirm (Cavern)
THR: Corporate Park/Dos Jackulites/Betdat/Lars Larsen/DJ G (Rubber Gloves)
THR: Eddie Izzard (American Airlines Center)
THR: Iskra/Doom Siren/Vorvadoss/Rotnudus (Phoenix Project)
THR: Baconator/Collick/Hight Anxities (1919 Hemphill)
THR: Dexter Romweber Duo (Good Records)
FRI: Agnostic Front/Death by Stereo/The Hellions (Trees)
SAT: Shiny Around the Edges/Drink to Victory/Kampfgrounds/Piccline (Hailey's)
SUN: Jonathan Richman (Rubber Gloves)


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