Thursday, January 21, 2010

It List : Thursday

Corporate Park/Dos Jackulites/Betdat/Lars Larsen/DJ G (Rubber Gloves): This show is being billed as a "very rare all hardware Live-Pa electronic music event". OK.
Chicago's Dos Jackulites synth approach is rooted more in the chiller side of the analogues as opposed to the local players more dissonant work. I'm not sure if Lars will be performing or just doing the visual presentation along with Lychgate's Jonah Lange. I hope we get to see a performance because Lars always brings interesting theatrics to the stage. Even if you are not a gear head, this should be an interesting night of aural and visual delights. And of course it is always great to see DJG on a Thursday night. Speaking of Lychgate, was anyone else a little bored during their performance last Saturday night? Interested in others thoughts on that project.

Iskra/Doom Siren/Vorvadoss/Rotnudus (Phoenix Project): I'm not even going to pretend like I can offer a reasonable opinion on this line up because obviously it is not my forte. I have seen Vorvadoss a couple of times and enjoyed myself. They incorporate enough prog-art elements to keep me entertained.

Eddie Izzard (American Airlines Center): Unlike most comedians who tend to focus on the absurdity of organized religion (Lenny Bruce, David Cross, Bill Hicks), Eddie Izzard has always been able to poke fun while not being too big of an asshole toward the believers. I wish more people would dress as the opposite sex, gender lines are soooo 20th century. I haven't heard much of his new material, but let's hope his spotty film career and failed television series hasn't killed his sense of humor. Unfortunately I can't think of a worst place for this event to take a place at, other than a church of course.

Baconator/Collick/High Anxities (1919 Hemphill)


Billingham's Defense System/Schwa (Fallout Lounge)


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