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Busy weekend, so lets get started (all written by FP):

edit: but before we get started if you haven't donated to help people in Haiti and you have the ability to do so please do it. If you don't you are really lame and shouldn't be an American. Here is a link so you can put your conscience at ease click here to donate and be a great person (FP)


Geronimo/ Fight Pretty/ Ghost Town Electric/ Big Fiction/Decades (1919 Hemphill)

Tes La Rok/Mundo/Royal Highnuss/gWorm and Jimmy B (Green Elephant)

Red Hot Poker/Spring Break '89/Andre the Giant's Bowel/Record Hop/1670am (Rubber Gloves)

This is a going away bash night for Denton awesome person Colin Carter. If you might be in the group who do not know this dude but still want to come out tonight with out feeling awkward, here are some highlights from his Denton time line posted on the Rubber Gloves website.

1993: pushed down the stairs by Don Bonneville; pretends he’s part of the prank instead of the recipient of said assault
2002: spends most of the year depressed in the RGRS office listening to Lambchop and playing solitaire
2006: no-call no-show to his temporary job that was actually a pretty good opportunity; spends the rest of the year sort of looking for a job (read: sitting in the green recliner)
Sounds like a cool guy to me.

Now I have to warn you there is a cloud of mystery around this performance. We are being led to believe that some fantastic local acts have been booked for the show under mysterious alter ego stage names. This could be a big rouse or it could yield a pretty big payoff, especially seeing as how it is a free show. The one confirmed name that we all can recognize is of course Record Hop, which is a good start. Seeing as how cool this guy obviously is to have a party hosted in his name, I'm sure the insiders say this will be one hell of a show.

The Paper Chase/True Widow/Boom Boom Box (Sons of Hermann Hall)

Haven't had a chance to check out Boom Boom Box or True Widow and I want to really bad. Not enough to go to a Paper Chase show of course but still looking forward to it guys. (FP)

Broken Teeth 1 Year Anniversary Bash featuring Jubilee/Select/Prince Will/Mike Townsend/Merritt/Anna Love/Red Eye (Zubar)

Looks like a good place to do some boogieing tonight. If someone could please tell me what the proper attire to a thing like this would be I might go. (FP)

Sarah Jaffe/Robert Gomez/Seryn (St. David's Episcopal Church, Denton)

Seems to be a fitting bill to have in a church. Still kind of weird to have to go into a church for any reason. Please forgive my ignorance but is this some kind of hipster church that host shows or just an ironically named bar? (FP)

RTB2/Luna Matto/PVC Street Gang/New Fumes (Cavern)


Drug Mountatin/Lychgate/Marriage Material (Rubber Gloves)

This is the record release for Drug Mountain's debut LP. If you haven't caught them lately you might not know that Zanzibar Snail member and poster art guru Nevada Hill is now on the roster. Nevada's strong avant garde background and aesthetic brings a new dynamic to the very, very brutal sound of the original line up. It sounds amazing. Will be nice to see them finally in a proper venue. We'll see if Lychgate have learned any new tricks on the road after their recent tour. Should be harsh. (FP)

RTB2/Luna Matto/PVC Street Gang/Come on Go With Us (Hailey's)

Doug Burr/ The Fox and The Bird (All Good Cafe)

I was so pissed cause SR got to write about Baruch because I had been really excited about releasing some negative energy out there into the blog-o-sphere. But I got over it. I feel much better about being here now recommending something in the same ballpark but a little more...honest? I caught The Fox and the Bird on the same bill as the aforementioned Scribe and was really captivated by The Fox's performance. It is no frills group centered folk music. It may be totally unoffensive but the craftsmanship and simplicity of the music was very effective. The band members all share duties which keeps the music varied just enough and the performance more exciting than the standard folk outfits. It's not exactly plucked straight from the mountains, but there is an authenticity in the music that comes from somewhere. My guess is that they love the type of the music they play so the play it the best they can. I have a feeling if you are going to see Doug Burr at the All Good Cafe you are already quite familiar with The Fox and the Bird. But for those of you thinking about skipping that opening band for your favorite new faux-folk artist next time you go out, try to make the extra effort and see Fox and the Bird. I bet you will like it. (FP)

Younger Sons/Forgetting Max Fischer/Monastery/Balance Problems (J&J's)

Up until recently I was always confused by all the indie folk jokes concerning Denton I see in the comments here. I guess I just haven't been going to them because they sure are there. I don't know what to make of this all. I really like folk music. All types of folk music. Yet I really don't like whiny pretentious music, which is what most of the stuff the kids are playing these days seem to sound like.


Fight Amp/Big Fiction/Dark Forces (The Lounge)

We all learned yesterday from our Local Q&A section that Dark Forces contains a member from new Denton band Final Club. So here is an opportunity for you Dallas folk to get a taste of what all the Denton kids are talking about.

No Idea Festival w/Chris Cogburn/Jesse Kudler/Screwed Anthologies/Remi Alvarez/ Aaron Gonzalez/ Stefan Gonzalez (Phoenix Project):

I caught this in Fort Worth last year at Lola's and really enjoyed myself. Similar to this year, the show was a diverse and educational experience. One of the things that really added to it was the shows taking place in a bar in downtown Fort Worth. The show was originally suppose to be at the other Lola's venue but fell through for some reason so it was relocated to the bar. It was really interesting to be in a room with just as many people completely unenthusiastic by the music as the ones that are totally digging it. The patrons staring at the Cowboys game completely bewildered as to why these outsiders are enraptured by these weirdos making funny noises. And of course it went both ways. Honestly I can't blame the hapless sports fans. A touring experimental noise festival isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea. But for those who are into this type of thing, which I'm sure you are, this is a great opportunity to see local artist work with noted artist from far and wide. Hopefully this more appropriate venue will get a large draw out because it is a pretty cool deal. Along with the collaboration aspect, it's also a great way to see some other regional music that you might not have the opportunity to other wise. (FP)

Teenage Cool Kids/ Bad Sports/ Follow That Bird/ Dikes of Holland/ Tre Orsi (Rubber Gloves)

Solid lineup especially for a Sunday night. Doesn't everyone have Monday off? Should be fun.

Goodie Mob/Special Guest (House Of Blues)


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