Friday, January 22, 2010


FRIDAY (photo by Kimberly Beal)

Agnostic Front/Death by Stereo/The Hellions (Trees)

The Cribs/Adam Green/The Dead Trees (Granada): Judge me if you like, but I was a big fan of The Moldy Peaches during there brief stint as forerunners of the early 2000's anti-folk movement. Moldy Peaches are of course no longer around. The female half, Kimya Dawson, has stuck with the lazy folk thing, fairly successfully, and had a baby etc, and admittedly her career I haven't cared much about following. Adam Green on the other hand turned out to be a unique and talented songwriter/performer. In the recent years Green has transformed himself from ragtag gutter troubadour to ragtag 60's showman à la Lee Hazelwood or Scott Walker. He spins personal yarns of casual drug use, weirdo girlfriends and youthful regret all with a great sense of humor and short running time. Sounds like familiar territory I know, but Green's humor, bravado and respect for all things sleazy chic has molded him into a timeless act.

Johhny Marr is one of my favorite guitarists of all time, which is one of the reasons why I have avoided listening to The Cribs. Anyone heard the newest album and the first with Marr as an offical member? Trip report please. (FP)

Soular Power with Colab/Wanz Dover (Fallout Lounge)

Billinghams's Defense System/Hot Flash/Cool Out (The Basement at Plush, located at 1400 Main St.): This party is a Haiti benefit.

Yeah Def Presents Aight Yo! #9 (Rubber Gloves): I have a feeling this event contains rapping and or beats. Might I suggest that Yeah Def or one of his minions record one of these shows and post the highlights of this "freestyle fellowship" on his site or something. I am interested to hear what some of these producers/performers have to bring, but I don't want to sit there for four hours waiting for something good to happen. (FP)

The Slack/The Dave Little Meltdown (Sons of Hermann Hall)

Shapes Stars Make!/Caterpillars/ Monastery (Double Wide): I am guessing the unnecessary exclamation point at the end of Shapes Stars Make! symbolizes the unnecessary sound of their music. Post-rock at it's finest folks, plus regurgitated bits of Galaxie 500, Appleseed Cast, Sigur Ros... you get the picture. I'm sure the music gets them laid pretty good but doesn't serve much purpose beyond that. It looks as though they signed to a label somewhere else so congrats to them. Apologies go out to Monastery whose show posting I used a few days ago to pontificate on neo-folk music. If you dudes will email me some music to I'll look over your stuff and maybe ask you some questions. Of course anyone is welcome at anytime to do that. (FP)

Titan Moon/Rad Wolf (Lola's Stockyard)


Kill The Client/Kallya/Fighting Chance/Melora (Reno's Chop Shop)

Shiny Around the Edges/Drink to Victory/Kampfgrounds/Piccline (Hailey's)

This Old House/Peligro!/Spooky Folk (Rubber Gloves)


Jonathan Richman (Rubber Gloves): Much is made of Jonathan Richman and his influence on the punk rock founders, his time spent crashing on The Factory's couch or his role in There's Something About Mary. Of course there are tons of things to admire about him, but he has always held a special place in my heart for the role he played in my teenage years. I was pretty straight-edge in high school. Not because I listened to Minor Threat or anything, but because I was an uptight dork. Anytime those cool kids I surrounded myself with were trying to pass me the dutchie or inject that smack into my vein, I would think back to that first Modern Lover's album and reassure myself that it was OK to be straight. Of course I eventually got into drugs and never looked back, but thank you Richman for keeping me clear-headed and out of jail during my teens. If you haven't seen Richman play in the past ten or so years, he looks and acts like someone half his age. What an awesome guy. I tried to talk to him one time after a show about working with John Cale and he was way more interested in finding a vegan omelet than reliving the old days. We all still have a lot we can learn from him. (FP)

Little Birds/Lala Gray/The Beaten Sea/The Republic Of Texas (Victor House located at 5123 Victor St. in Dallas)


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