Friday, January 29, 2010


Sorry this is late guys, going through a divorce right now which takes up alot of my spare time. I believe your beloved Ranger of Stone will be on later to write something brilliant or just delete the little I did write. Needless to say, powerhouse weekend after a couple clunkers. (FP)


The Great Tyrant/Mark Growden/Orange Coax (Lola's Sixth)

Boom Boom Box (Barley House)

The Sword/Woodgrain (Rubber Gloves)

ANS/Unit 21/Bleach Boys/Wiccans (1919 Hemphill)

Dear Human/PVC Street Gang/Sore Losers/Curvette (Dan's Silverleaf)

Mount Righteous/The England Ram-a-band/Hard Times (The Cavern)


Henati Improvising Orchestra/Harry Has a Head Like a Ping Pong Ball/Ohm (1919 Hemphill)

Neon Indian/Ishi/ Fizzy Dino Pop/Phantastes/Florene/Vulgar Fashion/Peopleodian/Monastery (Hailey's)

Shut the fuck up you know you like Pyschic Chasms. Along with Palomo and co you get a stellar group of local acts, crash course in some of the best stuff going on right now. Just hope there isn't a photo booth because those things really kill the mood for me (FP)

Yo La Tengo/Times New Viking (Granada)

Yo La Tengo is one of the longest running and most consistent American indie rock groups ever. Not a bad album in their catalog, personal favorites being Fakebook and I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One. Yes some of them might sound similar but that sound is so sweet. I never really got into Times New Viking but godspeed to them for hitting the "big time".

Girls/Magic Kids/Smith Westerns (House of Blues)

Why can't we have a Stubb's? One of the few things to envy about Austin . (FP)

Giggle Party (Kettle Art)

All the Day Holiday/Kinch/The City Lives (Rubber Gloves)

Ryan Thomas Becker/Spooky Folk/The Early Birds/Rabbits on Fire (Marlboro House)

Malboro House? What the hell Dallas last week we have church shows now house venues sponsored by Phillip Morris. Seriously though what's the deal on this place.(FP)


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