Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It List :Tuesday

Vivian Girls/Abe Vigoda/Male Bonding/Lovvers (The Lounge on Elm St)

Miles Kurosky | Pancho-San (The Cavern)

Beulah was the always the least quirky of the Elephant 6 collective which I believed would lead to a long lasting career for the popsters. Unfortunately the lack of commercial success drew weary on the band and after their final and cryptically titled album Yoko the band called it quits. Miles Kurosky was the lead singer and and songwriter for said band and who's new album Desert of Shallow Effects picks up right where Beulah left off. Other than lyrical content which is much more focused and story like here, the music has the same sound and feel as before. This could be because the album features 20 various musicians closely aligned with the E6 family including showings from ex-Beulah members. Beluah was always known for their live shows and audience interaction. Although Miles always seemed like the cantankerous one, listening to his solo stuff leads me to believe that same spirit will be there tonight. I'm sure you diehard Beulah heads are wondering if you will be hearing anything off The Coast is Never Cleat tonight, well here is what Miles had to say on the subject via his Facebook

Well, I keep getting tons of emails about the tour, especially from kids who were too young to see Beulah live. They all ask the same question..."are you gonna play any Beulah songs?" Well, I honestly hadn't thought too much about it, but maybe I should. After all, it's your show too. I mean, I guess I was pretty bummed when Bob Mould didn't play any Husker Du songs on his first solo tour. That said, I need to know what you want to hear. Lord knows I can't be practicing 50 songs. So, let's get this party started...what Beulah songs do you wanna hear? I know it's hard, but try to pick a good one. Respond below.

I like his attitude.

Anamanaguchi | Saberpulse | Henry Homesweet | Starscream | Kashioboy | Talk to Animals | Yeahdef (Hailey's)

I don't know a whole lot about "chip tune" music outside of what is done here locally, so I thought I would ask kashioboy local chip tune enthusiast and featured performer at tonight's Flash Faces: Bands Stored in Random Access Memory what's going on.

FP: Who are the people from overseas?

KB: Gameboy music artists Henry Homesweet and Sabrepulse.

Are they currently on tour or this a one off?

They are currently on a US tour (8-bit alliance tour) with Anamanaguchi, and Starscream from New York.

What aspect of the genre do the acts represent?

I would say the acts best represent the hardware aspect of the genre. Using actual Gameboys, Nintendo NES and etc rather than emulating the sounds they make externally.

How is your set coming along? Anything planned for tonight?

Thus far i'm planning a mix of actual chip hardware and non chip hardware. Stuff on NES and Commodore 64 chips with a bit of Gameboy etc. Also use of laptop, vocals and other various toys.

La Dispute | native | Sohns | Big Fiction (1919 Hemphill)

| Flying Eyes | Piccline | Stoned Men (Dwelling of Doom)

Having caught the majority of these locals acts in various combination and venues across the past weekend I can't recommend this bill highly enough if you are wanting to do some good old fashion rocking out in a basement. Kudos to the Dwelling of Doom folks for not only putting together three straight days of shows in a house venue but also making the nights so diverse. Good work everybody.

Speedwolf | Mondo Drag | Collick | Geezus Krust | Epileptinomicon (Phoenix Project)

Speedwolf seem like your run of the mill Motorhead enthusiast complete with pentagram-ed goats heads and train speed guitar noodling. Mondo Drag are more interesting, not only because they look like a bunch of hippies but also their drugged psychedelic blues rock is pretty damn infectious. Does it sound alot like Black Sabbath? yes. But it also sounds alot like Royal Trux you know what I mean?

Spooky Folk | Red Pony Clock | Fishboy | Spirits of the Red City | Amo Joy! | Mount Righteous |New Science Projects (The Schoolhouse)

Let's be honest this is either at the top of your list this evening or at the very bottom. Mount Righetous by far make me more uncomfortable live than any other band in the Metroplex. It's not that I don't like to feel uncomfortable, but all those fresh faces and the never ending percussion assault make me feel like I am about to be led to my execution for drinking out of the chocolate river in the Wonka Factory. I have caught Spooky Folk in a couple opening slots and have enjoyed their brand of eerie folk rock. Well put together and moody enough without being annoyingly manic. Along with a band member they also share some musical similarities with ex-Denton band Sarah Reddington so if you like that you will probably like this.

Lullaby Arkestra | The Uptown Bums (Rubber Gloves)

If you ain't down for the Mary Jane haze psychedelic garage happening of Mondo Drag and prefer your riffs amphetamined up Lullay Arkestra should be for you. With song titles like "We Fuck the Night" and "art liar yr a fuckin" how can you go wrong? Uptown Bums rule too.

Titus Andronicus (Good Records)


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