Friday, March 12, 2010


I apologize for the half ass list but it has been a busy one and I am actually trying to make it out to NX35 so that I can offer a fair and balanced assesment at a later time. Oh yeah and check out some great bands too. We will be updating this post through out the weekend with pictures, videos and commentary so check back often. And as always we encourage you to share your experiences in our comment section. See ya.


Drug Mountain | Record Hop | Florene | .e | Rare Grooves | Delmore Pilcrow (503 Sycamore)

Woven Bones | Fergus & Geronimo | Pure Ecstasy | Final Club (Hailey's)

Sleep Whale | Ola Podrida | Mount Righteous | Spooky Folk | Caleb Ian Campbell (Andy's)

HEALTH | Record Hop | PVC Street Gang | Dear Human (Boiler Room)

Indian Jewelry | Babar | White Drugs | hotel hotel | Vexed UK (Rubber Gloves)


Dick Dale (Trees)

No Silence, No Sleep

An off the hook avant garde festival in what we are being led to believe is a very dangerous part or Dallas. Seems like a perfect fit. Check the flier for more info.

Summer Of Glaciers | Emil Rapstine | Dim Locator | Chris Welch | Hotel Hotel | Tre Orsi | Burnt Sienna(503 Sycamore, day show starts at 2pm)

I Heart Lung | Rare Grooves Orchestra | Shiny Around the Edges | Dust Congress | .E | Mariachi Quetzal (Texas 8 Ball)

Telegraph Canyon | Hogpig | Doug Gillard | Eaton Lake Tonics (Rubber Gloves)


Seth Sherman | Dust Congress | Shiny Around The Edges | Kampfgrounds | Piccline | Kaboom | douche (last men)| Drink to Victory | Geistheistler | Marriage Material | Red Faced Laughter (520 S. Elm St. 3pm-9pm)

Harvey Sid Fisher | Peopleodian | Corporate Park | The Clouds Are Ghosts (Texas 8 Ball)

The Walkmen | Jookabox | Pomegranates | Follow That Bird! (Hailey's)

Neon Indian | Florene | French Horn Rebellion | Ishi | Fur (Rubber Gloves)


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