Friday, March 19, 2010


Hope everyone is having tons of fun at South by Southwest...


Danielson | Ortolan | Ben+Vesper (Hailey's)

Javelina | Howl | Magnus | Vaste Burai (Phoenix Project)


The Lovely Feathers | Cocky Americans | Mammal Animals (The Cavern)

The Black Dotz (Tradewinds)


Cheap Time | Puppy Hearts | Juiceboxxx | Uptown Bums | VIDEO (Mable Peabody's)

Really wish Dum Dum Girls were on this bill instead of Bro Fest but oh well.

Parade of Flesh Bro Fest 2010 ASG | Rwake | The Soft Pack | Sleepy Sun | Dum Dum Girls | White Mice | Those Darlins | U.S. Christmas | Withered | Sisters | Woven Bones | Liturgy | NAAM | Frankie Rose & the Outs | Tinsel Teeth | Slang Chickens and Snake | Sustaine (Double-Wide)

Torchrunner | Rise of Necropolis | Releaser | Division of Power (Phoenix Project)

Three on Sunday (Dan's)

Kanako Kawaguchi & Jim Woodring, 2005 (10 min.)

Japanese animator Kanako Kawaguchi creates a stop-action version of Jim Woodring’s surreal comic “Frank”.

“Kawaguchi's approach to animating and ‘dimensionalizing’ Woodring's work is immediately compelling: combining intricate model work (including exquisitely detailed pieces of furniture and room interiors and convincingly naturalistic miniature exteriors) with construct 'cut-outs' models of Frank (composed of layered bits of Jim's art), Kawaguchi allows us to inhabit Frank's environments as never before. ” - Steve Bissett, MYRANT, 2006


Sarah Kernochan, 1972 (88 min.)

“The Academy-Award®-winning MARJOE is the ferocious and extraordinary chronicle of a firebrand evangelical preacher who wholeheartedly and humorously exposes himself as a fraud. An evangelist prodigy at the age of four, the film captures an adult Marjoe as he recounts how he discovered the seductions of the 60s counterculture and dropped out of preaching, only to return later, using his swaggering bravado, to woo Pentecostal audiences out of their offerings.”


Spike Jones, June 7, 1952 - Hollywood, California (59 min.)

Spike Jones hosts the popular television variety program of the 1950s, featuring Jim Backus and Liberace.


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