Monday, April 19, 2010

It List: Monday

Nothing to report today, except Jazz at The Amsterdam, Cool Out, etc.

I spent some time at the Good Records "Record Store Day" event this past Saturday only to find that it was running three hours behind schedule, and that's no surprise, since there were so many acts booked. Nevertheless, it seemed like a success, even if I always spend all my time at these things waiting around for sets that seem to never come. I was mostly trying to catch Wanz Dover's new post-punk band and first non-DJ project in quite a while, The Black Dotz, and simultaneously trying to get a feel for whether or not Wanz actually likes dubstep. That guy is just so vague about his feelings, ya know?

The Majestic Dwelling Of Doom show was great this weekend, and things were much more on-schedule there than I expected. I was mostly excited to finally see Chest Pain, an Austin hardcore band with DFW roots, and they lived up to my expectations. You guys know that's what it's all about right? Living up to my shitty little expectations.

Anyways, Chest Pain's lead singer, Travis Smith, is late of Denton's Angry Businessmen (for which he played drums and sang), and Coppell's Tyrannosaurus X (for which he sang). This band is much heavier than the slightly humorous, bass-led root beer punk of Angry Businessmen, and much more like TX, with minimal groove sludge and blast-beat chaos.

I believe that Angry Businessmen was the only five-star review ever on We Shot JR, much to the annoyance of even my fellow writers. Their nomination in the Quick Awards was a local music highlight for me and I always think it's great when something so under-the-radar registers a blip in a big publication. I don't credit us for any of that, it's all up to the artists themselves. However, I'm often asked these days why we still do this site, after doing it for so long, and since it seems like more trouble than it's worth, and I realized why when I was at the Majestic Dwelling Of Doom. The answer is simple: So it isn't only left up to cynical idiots who don't care to really know anything about underground music to list a show like that, or to ignore it altogether. There's nothing romantic about it. That's it.

Oops, I forgot. A Twitter account that makes fun of the way people look in Denton is having a pizza party at Hailey's tonight. You know the sad part? When you rag on people and throw a party in Denton, people will definitely show up. We know all about that. Why Denton Sucks is also selling t-shirts. Denton, you're so kinky and masochistic, you're making us blush.

Oh, and while I'm at it and to tie this altogether: Angry Businessmen's lead vocalist Clint Butler will be DJ-ing and playing video clips at the Why Denton Sucks show tonight. So there you go.


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