Thursday, April 01, 2010

It List : Thursday

Hey everybody we have absolutely nothing in the works for the immediate future at all ever. In fact I have programed an application to hyperlink our coolest friends Facebook events automatically to the front page as they are posted then you can vote if they are hot or not. This we way we don't ever even have to look at the front page and we can just dive right into the comments section which of course is the coolest part of this site anyways. Our comments section is now sponsored by RC Cola's new flavor Blogjizz so keep an eye out for some pretty awesome flash ads in the near future. By the way I am really starting to get into The Paper Chase, I can really see what you guys were talking about.

Florene | Kashioboy | My Empty Phantom | Gallery Cat (Dan's Silverleaf)

The Coathangers | Giggle Party | Leg Sweeper(The Cavern)

I enjoyed looking at The Coathangers' pictures on Myspace much more than I did listening to their streamer. Just being honest ya'll.

NAXAT (Tradewinds)

Wild in the Streets (Amsterdam Bar)

April Fools 80s Night: Black Friday w/ Keith P + Anthony Social (Hailey's)


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