Thursday, April 15, 2010

It List: Thursday

R4WR "Pubstep" with Blixaboy/Fuzionmuse/4D/Dub Collective/Soul Embassy Sound System/Ops Esponja (Andy's On The Square):

These dub nights taking place recently around Denton have had some surprisingly large turnouts. Always cool to see some lesser known sub genre getting some love. Dubstep is something I definitely know very, very little about so I would like to extend a thanks to these fine fellows for teaching me a little. (FP)

Fizzy Dino Pop/Billingham's Defense System/Ocelot (Fallout Lounge)

Sally Glass/Madison King/DJ Travis Box (Tradewinds)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone/Magical Beautiful (Dan's Silverleaf): Ouch. What's not dated about this band name right now? The natural cycle in music is:

1. You're ahead of your time.

2. Time catches up with you

3. Behind the times.


4. Dead or too old before you become cool again. What a shame. (DL)

80's Night w/Yeah Def (Hailey's)


Blogger Jackson Glass said...

Nice to see Pubstep gettin some love here.. haven't been able to turn out yet but as soon as my illicit substances get straightened out I'll be there...

12:33 AM  

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