Friday, April 30, 2010



Dr. Dog/Deer Tick (The Loft): Man, Dr. Dog. Festival rock is a bizarre thing. They're better than most Bonnaroo fare, but their increasingly slick albums sort of fell off more quickly than they should have.

A1/Schwa/Genova/Tyrone Smiley (Zubar): Top Notch is now a monthly.

Enemies Of Inertia/Melora/Baring Teeth/Lycergus (Reno's Chop Shop)

Yesterday's Gold II With Tommy Boy and DJ G (Tradewinds): We need more advertising like this.

Ralph White/Amy Annelle (Good Records): Phenomenal banjoist that played with The Bad Livers and even with Jandek, though to see this guy live, you realize he's one of these people that shouldn't have any other players in the way.

Man Factory | Museum Creatures | Peopleodian (The Cavern)


Ocelot/Sore Losers/Fizzy Dino Pop/Big J/TommyL33J0nez (Majestic Dwelling of Doom): As of 4:27 PM on Friday: Confirmed Guests (278). Maybe Attending (243). Not Attending (487). Awaiting Reply (991). Oh, word? You guys are about as good at keeping secrets as we are. Presented by a whole bunch of folks, including the once pariah-like but now venerable We Made Out Once as well as Unkommon Kolor.

Matthew Gray/Dust Congress/Monastery/Gossamer and more (The Schoolhouse)

DJ Gigantrathor (Phoenix Project): This is a last minute effort to get the PPC all properly coded up before their temporary CO expires. There will be food for volunteers and music. There is a raffle that will be held, based on the number of hours you put in which will get you into shows for free. This is one of the best things going in Dallas, so come out and do a little real work to support it.

Mono/Balmorhea (The Loft)

Museum Creatures/Abacus/Nurses/White Hinterland/Glen Farris/Tallest Man on Earth/Sundress/Dosh/DJ Five Easy Pieces (Haileys)


Ralph White/Yells At Eels/Amy Annelle/Dim Locator (Dan's Silverleaf): Terrifically mixed lineup. Dan's Silverleaf has had some great shows lately.

Those Darlins/The Uptown Bums (Rubber Gloves)


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