Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It List: Tuesday

90's Night "Pizza Power"(Hailey's)

DJ Yeadeaf will be offering free pizza to the poor and drunken tonight along with serving up his selections from the 90's. Could it be that 90's Night is starting to feel the heat from upstarts Singles Going Steady just down the street at Rubber Gloves?

Singles Going Steady (Rubber Gloves)

Chris P and DJ Matchmaker (what happened to DJ Tanner?) lace the gloves up tonight as they go head to head with Hailey's 90's night and their free pizza. Will the new kids on the block come out on top or will the veterans emerge the victor with their prestige and melted cheese? All I know is that this is a big night for both teams. The kids are out of school and they are ready to party ironically 90's style.


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