Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It List: Wednesday

We Love Denton with Record Hop/Kaleo Kaualoku/Shiny Around The Edges/Doug Burr/Manned Missiles/Dear Human (The Schoolhouse): Attention! Please be advised that by your entry upon these premises, you are consenting to being photographed, and having your likeness used in a motion picture. Click on that link, and you'll see just how far most music scenes have come as far as politeness goes, and that's a damn shame. Anyways, this is being taped for a documentary about rock music and the theme for the show is all about how each of these acts is a diverse facet that collectively make up the Denton scene. Which is true, it is diverse, and I like some of the acts. But it got me to thinking, do we still love Denton? We have always been accused of being subversively pro-Denton purists, but would people still say that today? Who really loves Denton and how much? Did you break up with Denton and move to Oak Cliff? Or worse, did you DIVORCE Denton and move to New York or San Francisco or Chicago? Or even worse, Austin?! I like Denton. I always have. But I don't know if I love Denton as much as I used to. There used to be crazy shows every weekend with tons of crazy acts. And lately, it's just been a What the hell is going on there lately? I like Majestic Dwelling Of Doom, I like some of the booking at Rubber Gloves lately and it's always the best case scenario for a touring band; there are occasional good shows at other places and houses, but there's something just kind of "blah" about it lately. Come on, Denton. Kick all of these lame-o's out of the scene and fuck shit up. And if we're those lame-o's, so be it. I'm getting old and I'm tired of fighting anyways. Maybe it's going around.

The Spits/No Bunny/Uptown Bums/Leg Sweeper (The Lounge): You have to love The Spits. They're one of those bands that have an attitude so irreverent that they transcend willful limitations of the one or two genres from which they mainly mine. Such a narrow vision often comes off as silly from most acts, but there is something intangible about them, their brief spiky songs, and ridiculous getup. Perhaps it's because I associate them with cool dumpster diver kids that, like, "don't care," and actually dance at shows and cuss out the door guy when it's 21 and up (Not his fault LOL). You know, people that own vinyl and not 400,000 terabytes of music they'll never listen to. Whatever. No Bunny is a big deal too.

Eyes, Wings, And Many Other Things/Clint Niosi/The Migrant (Lola's)

Hoyotoho/Yeah Def/Wishfm (Ghost Bar): Is this a new weekly? Can somebody please keep me in the Ghost Bar loop? Shit. Is there a site that shows everywhere Dustin Hollywood will be taking pics? I'm so confused lately.

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto/Unit 21/Neverskade/Rotundus/La Urss (1919 Hemphill): Hey, 1919 has a new website and it's awesome.

And here's a video that Quick's excellent "Deadbeat" feature did for Fungi Girls, while I'm thinking about it. There's a lot of amateur interview/performance video out from various local publications lately, and this is by far the least annoying, unpretentious, and actually enjoyable:


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