Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not New Music Tuesday

Human Leauge23.11.1980 Kant Kino,Berlin

I am a fan of all incarnations of Human Leauge, even the bizarrely instrumental heavy 2001 comeback Secrets. Without a doubt though my favorite stage in the synth pop giants career is the original Martin Ware, Ian Marsh and of course Phil Oakey lineup. Which just so happens to be finely represented here by this live recording made in 1980 right before the band broke up because of Oakey's handsomeness.

Before recruiting the two femme fatales that would come to define the Human Leauge sound and look, the Leauge was a decidedly darker affair. If you have never heard heir debut Reproduction with it's amazing cover and equally skewed out look on the future of the world's discos you should do so immediately. This collection of songs draws from that album plus the lesser but still danceably harrowing Travelogue. The set also has some rarities/oddities like the cover of Judas Priest's Together we Will Take on the World and the Adrian Wright penned Boys and Girls which was only released much later on a Travelouge re-issue.

I had another album planned for this week but I was reminded of this little gem after thinking about one of my local favorites Darktown Strutters. They both share a dark and menacing take on dance pop that I wish more artist would explore. Grooving is much more fun when it's to the optimistic back beat of the apocalypse.

comfort kills


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