Friday, May 28, 2010



Psychedelic Horseshit | Twin Stumps | White Drugs (Rubber Gloves)

Dentstep (Hailey's)

Brutal Juice | Baboon | Record Hop (Dan's Silverleaf)

So I'll admit this glory days lineup, sans Record Hop, is all a little before my time as a NTX music nut. School me.

Devin the Dude (Granada)

Yesterday's Gold III w/ Tommyboy and DJG (Tradewinds)

This is the last chance to catch this very unique night of super chill, 70s/80s good time Charlie music. The perfect choice for those needing to relax the fuck out after a tough week at the office. This also might be the last time you see any unique offering that we have seen Tradewinds put on the past couple months. In fact I know you will not. We will have more information about this situation next week. The PVC Street Gang show Saturday has been canceled.

Top Notch wish Sober/Dayta/El Roy Boogie/Empanadamn (Zubar): This is Sober's Birthday show, and I should remind you that Top Notch is now a monthly, not a weekly. Sober will apparently have a very special guest next month, which he will be announcing tonight. Happy Birthday, Sober.


Missile/White Mountain/Soft Environmental Collapse (Doublewide)

X | The A-Frames | Video (Rubber Gloves)

IS punk dead?

Curvette | Goldilocks and The Rock | Quiet Company | | Holy Fiction (Haileys)

Jeff the Brotherhood
| Heavy Cream | Stoned Men (Dan's)

Sundress | WRITER | Daniel Folmer | Caleb Ian Campbell (Kessler)

Oh shit watch out Dallas, Denton seems to have had a massive folk spill and there are plumes appearing in your classy performance spaces. Our buddies over at Day Bowzer did a review of the new Sundress this week which you can read by manually entering the url yourself. Well I think I am going to sink my teeth into this one as well so you should have something to look forward to next week. And shhhh don't tell him I told you, but SR is working on something as well.

I have seen Matthew Gray's Writer project a couple of times along with giving the I Took Drugs Instead... EP a couple of spins and enjoyed both experiences. You might recall some of the things I bitched about with the Jaffe record - stale music, self indulgent lyrics, lack of character - well I think Writer covers some of the same territory but does it right. The work is much less stoned out freak folk and delves into darker singer-songwriter territory. I find it interesting and much more focused than his work with Matthew and the Arrogant Sea.


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