Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm just going to go ahead and post this so that somebody actually sees it. I know it's an ongoing problem with the site. I have also decided to post this new video by George Quartz. I know it's been posted elsewhere, but people like to actually voice opinions on our site, so it's a lot more fun. -DL


George Quartz/Psychic Violence/Darktown Strutters (City Tavern)

Till Were Blue Or Destroy/Menkena/Final Club (Hailey's)

The Slow Burners / American Werewolf Academy / Deep Snapper (Rubber Gloves)

Night Shift with Big J/Jack Flack (The Cavern)

Shiny Around the Edges/Sabra Laval/San Soleil/Little Birds/Sunnybrook (Schoolhouse)

Hentai Improvising Orchestra/Clear Spot/Doggebi (1919 Hemphill)

Black Tusk/Zoroaster/Dark Castle/Maleveller/Four Days To Burn (Trees)

Concrete Blonde (Granada)

Carolina/DJ Automatic/Joe Vega (Teddy's Room): For bottle service, call (214)808-7909. Or just tweet

Black Fridays with Anthony Social/Keith P/Ben White (Fallout Lounge)


Pinkish Black/Atwa/Dust Congress (Rubber Gloves)

RTB2/Spooky Folk/The Fox & the Bird/Caleb Ian Campbell (Hailey's)

Luna Matto/Eyes Wings and Many other Things/The Diamond Age (Pastime Tavern)

Hentai Improv Orchestra/Clear Spot/Doggebi (Phoenix Project)

Starring/New Fumes/Florene (Old Lounge)


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