Monday, June 07, 2010

It List: Monday

Neil Young | Bert Jansh (Meyerson)

Here is a pretty expensive show ($100-$300) that I am sure is worth every penny. If for some reason you do have the 100+ dollars to throw towards Mr. Young and just missed out on tickets, might I recommend you check out the Archives 67-72 box set that goes for about the same price. An amazing collection of live performances complete with Young banter. In fact I have a question about one little story that Neil tells during a show in the early 1970's. He goes off on a tirade about the medical institution and drug companies and how they make tons of money off the American public and their love of easy fixes to life's ills. But then he begins to describe, which sounds to me in all earnestness, about how he went to a "doctor" who used no instruments and made no incision but cured him of some great medical problem. I'm sure you have seen videos of this type of procedure refereed to as psychic surgery. I want to believe that he was saying this with some very thinly veiled irony, but he sounded so sincere it threw me for a loop.

Blissed Out | RUN DMT | Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things | Zanzibar Snails (Lounge)

Some one disagree with my claim that this is an experimental showcase. If you have a better genre label to place this under please let me know.

Miike Snow (Granada)

The other day in the comment section of my Of Montreal write up someone accused OM of being mid tempo indie dance rock. In common defensive music geek manner I wanted to respond with the calling out one of the many current band that fits that description more fittingly. I decided I would wait till one of those bands came threw town so I could use that line here. Just my luck I only had to wait a week! Have these guys been on a Twilight related soundtrack yet? If not I'm sure we can expect them to have a place on the Forbearing Midafternoon Naptime soundtrack (is that right I'm not up on the series) alongside Vampire Weekend, Muse and Metric.

Sarah Renfro |Ryan Thomas Becker | The Hand Combine| Young and Brave (The Schoolhouse)

Sonny & The Sunsets | Wesley Coleman (Dan's)

If you are a fan of the Dr. Dog style throwback sunny pop then the aptly titled Sonny & The Sunsets will be right up your ally. The music doesn't evoke that sense of faux-nostalgia quite as effectively as Dog but the laid back Grateful Dead by way of the Beach Boys sound is a perfect compliment for summer afternoons.


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