Monday, June 28, 2010

It List: Monday

Gun Outfit | Final Club | Fergus & Geronimo (Hailey's)

Gun Outfit hail from Boca Roton and are being supported tonight by two solid local openers. We'll see how line-up changes affect Final Club's live performance. I couldn't find out too much about Gun Outfit with their meager 76 Myspace friends. They did just release a single on PPM Records whose roster includes Abe Vigoda, Wavves and Mika Miko among others. Quite the indie hit parade is it not? I expect we will hear more from them in the future so be sure to check out this show tonight, then 4 months from now you can say you remember way back when.

Calculator | Carry Your Weight | The Pajammas | Innards | Burn Idols (1919 Hemphill)

The Horse Museum | New Science Projects | Sean Kirkpatrick | Delmore Pilcrow (Hydrant)

It looks like other countries are starting to run out of band names too. I do tip my hat to performers like The Horse Museum that come from far away lands like Canada to perform at places like The Hydrant.


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