Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Daniel Francis Doyle | Darktown Strutters | DJ Wanz (Pastime Tavern)

The first show at The Pastime Tavern under the new bookage of Kara Howell, one half of Darktown Strutters and previous booker of Tradewinds Social Club. We asked Kara a myriad of questions which we will be posting up tommorow, hopefully there will be some answers too. If you haven't picked up the best local release so far this year, the new Darktown Strutters album - released this week - will be available for purchase. Also on the bill is the one man band with three first names Daniel Francis Doyle visiting us from Austin.

Saviours | Blood Of The Sun | True Widow | The Roller (Double Wide)

Anyone catch the show last night at Rubber Gloves? DL you got something to say about True Widow?

DJ Tiny One (Rubber Gloves)


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