Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It List: Wednesday

LCD Soundsystem | Holy Ghost (Palladium)

Since the inception of electronic/synth based dance music there has been a fascination with the producer of said music adopting an android like persona. Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and Boards of Canada are all examples of music held in high regard along with being acts that deliberately tie their persona to their machines. I don't believe this is out of modesty or because they are excessively ugly, but because that detachment between the artist and the audience has been one of the unique attributes that has kept electronic music exciting and different.

Now that electronic music is reaching a point where acts seem to be treading water, the genre was in need of a nice jolt to the system. There has been some great dance music released the past few years but nothing I would consider "ground-breaking" as I believe the aforementioned acts have done. Along comes James Murphy, the man behind LCD Soundsystem, who brings a much needed dose of heart and sense of humor to the dance music game.

LCD's latest This is Happening owes a big debt to things past. Bowie, Ultravox, Chic and any other groovy uptown dance track of the past 30 years seem to be boiled to a point here over the course of nine very long songs. Instead of hiding behind the drum machine or siphoning his voice through a vocoder, James Murphy has chosen to makes himself the center piece of his music as a performer and a songwriter.

By placing Murphy upfront, whether it is his true self or perhaps an emotionally complex cyborg he has created, the music is lifted above the sometimes hollow feeling that synthetic groove based music can leave one with. Murphy's honesty and humor are all paramount to the LCD experience. The direct delivery of his self referential, often myopic world view makes the music great for listening to in a bean bag with the headphones on, not just for shaking it on the dance floor.

His knack for sing-a-longable anthems no doubt ensures that the audience will have plenty to do tonight. Mercer has said not to expect any kind of guitar solos or jam sessions mid song, but instead a recreation of the songs as close to the record as possible. I know that I have been practicing my dance moves alone in my room for about a month now and am ready to do some damage. The ticket price will be worth it alone to see the hundreds of awkward indie dudes flailing about.

Akkolyte | Brainsore | Enemies of Inertia | Dead Heroes | Self Inflicted (Phoenix Project)

Iron Maiden (

I know I should have put a picture of LCD Soundsystem up for this post but I have always really appreciated Iron Maiden's covers and wanted to give a nod to Derek Riggs.

Video Rehab - Phantom of Paradise | Forbidden Zone (Texas Theater)

Video Rehab come out of the gates running at their new location The Texas Theater.


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