Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Sextape | FUR | Fizzy Dino Pop | Hai Hello | Lovelife (Hailey's)

As resident pop music defender around here I am going to reserve any final judgment toward Sextape until after tonight's performance. I know SR totally shat on them and my initial listen didn't blow me away but sometimes this stuff works better live anyway. I will admit this style of electro-pop seems to have hit a wall in the past year or two (or with Yellow Magic Orchestra) but I hope Sextape has enough there to hold my attention, or more importantly get my assshaking. Tonight will be the first time newly appointed FUR member Gray St. Germain Gideon (Ghosthustler, Cosmic Cat Nip) will take the stage alongside founding member Bryce Isbell and I believe they will be playing all new material they collaborated on. I enjoyed FUR's last release Witches. The album is full of crisp - you might even say lovely - abstract sound collages that hold their own as songs as well as apart of the bigger album. The songs were definitely lacking in some direction though which hopefully will have been discovered with the aide of another like minded artist with a stronger structural approach like Gideon. I think that dude wrote the music for a song about parking lots or something? Lovelife seem to be very influenced by Neon Indian and Elliot Smith in equal measure, like an electro-Daniel Folmer. God help us.

Gun Outfit (Cavern)

Gun Outfit played a solid set this week even if the majority of the crowd was just waiting around to hear some big booty jams. The vocal male/female vocal interplay is similar to that found in The Aislers Set or Yo La Tengo. The delivery is reminiscent to The Silver Jews minus the clever wordplay. This is some solid indie rock that sounds pretty far removed from what is chic these days. Have no idea about the rest of the line-up, no information listed anywhere. Do they not want people to go to this show?


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