Friday, June 04, 2010


Before we get started, I would like to propose something to the staff that runs the Texas Theatre : to let me host "Defensive Listening's Emotionally Shattering Movie Night." I'm kind of tired of the tradition of midnight movies always having to do with Indonesian vampires or zombie call girls or whatever, and I would like to counteract the overabundance of B-movie junk with a sobering, painful, overlong drama once or twice a month. How 'bout it? I'll pass out tissues, just like they have on the pews at funerals. Let's party.


Viva Dallas Burlesque (Lakewood Theater)

Cro Mags | Municipal Waste | Rat King | Power Trip (Prophet Bar)

Naxat/Tiger Thrust/Hawk VS Dove (Pastime Tavern): I visited the Pastime Tavern this past week, and was immediately struck by how much the place seemed more alive than on previous visits. I think the recent booking situation there is definitely going to help make it a much more visited destination than it has perhaps been in the past. This show is another good example of why that is exactly.

Sabra Laval | Will e. Lee | Shuge | Ladle | Vain Mainstream (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)

Florene/Missions/Lovelife/DJ G/Discipline (Rubber Gloves): This is Florene's cd release show for "Homemade Extacy," and I bet we may even have a review of that soon, though just saying that might curse it altogether. I'm looking forward to hearing this and be sure to come early for Discipline, which is the DJ project of local record experts Shane English and Jonah Lange.

Shapes Stars Make/My Education/The Angelus (Doublewide)

Black Friday with Keith P/Ben White/Anthony Social (Fallout Lounge): My new favorite bi-weekly event.

Sugar & Gold/Dust Congress/Daniel Folmer (Dan's Silverleaf)

Night Shift hosted by Melissa Humphries and featuring Big J/Oleg B/Rodrigo Diaz (The Cavern)


A Smile Full Of Ale/Stoned Men/Two Knights/Silent Way (1919 Hemphill)

Black Dotz/Blancho/Bipolar Express (The Doublewide)

Sarah Renfro/Luna Matto/Young And Brave (Kessler Theater)

Friendo | Nervous Curtains | George Quartz (Lounge)

Matt Tolfrey
/Cosmic Cocks/DragonLazer (The Cavern)


Baruch The Scribe/The Beaten Sea (Dan's Silverleaf)

Screening: Amores Perros (Texas Theatre):
Just another example of the great new flurry of activity out of this historically significant spot. This is another in a series of "Latin themed" films the Texas Theater has been showing, and it's one of my favorites. As a personal aside, and being a little "Latin Themed" myself, the aging Zapatista Guerilla in this movie totally reminds me of my late grandfather, who was only slightly more badass than the character in this film. Ambitiously tackling many different takes on the consequences of "love" and all of its inevitable shortcomings, the film deals with so many realistic and uncomfortable situations and hones in on them rather precisely, whether through the eyes of an estranged father or the sorrowful upward gaze of man's best friend after he's literally ripped apart several of his peers. I would love to see this movie in an actual theater; somebody was giving me shit as recently as Wednesday at the Pastime Tavern for quoting it (DL, ten years later and you're STILL quoting Amores Perros?!). Anyways, just to be annoying, I'll do it right now: "If you want to make God laugh...tell him your plans." How good is that? I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it. Go to this. Movie starts at 3 pm. Five dollar donation gets you in.

PS- I can't believe they recently showed Sin Nombre as well, and I missed it. These folks have the right idea.


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