Friday, June 25, 2010


In honor of Femme Fest...


Ishi | PVC Street Gang | White Mountain (Rubber Gloves)

This is a CD release show for Ishi's new album Through the Trees. How about someone send us a copy and I'll review it. I'll probably end up buying a copy tonight anyways because that is just how much I love local music you guys.

Sundress | Land Mammals | Retro Run | The Clouds are Ghosts (Hailey's)

Hey remember when I said I was going to review that Sundress album? Well, I have determined at this stage is my analytical career I am having trouble pontificating on works that I have find, for lack of a better word, mediocre. I am working on it though.

Prizzy Prizzy Please | Genius Party | Those Damn Kids | The People Men (1919 Hemphill)

Naxat | Sir Name and the Janes | Sally Glass (Pasttime Tavern)

RTB2 | Leatherbag | Tony Ferraro (Chat Room)

Chat Room doing shows again? Good to hear.

add: The Angelus duo |Hotel Hotel | Summer of Glaciers | Monasery (Bryan Street tavern)


Museum Creatures | Blixaboy | Sextape (Nightmare -old Lounge-)

I like Museum Creatures alot. Just the kind of abstract pop cacophony that gets my blood boiling. Fans of Max Tundra, Múm or Tigerbeat 6 artist should keep these guys on your radar.

J. Paul Slavens (Dan's)

Another CD release this weekend, this time J.Paul Slaven's 'Alphabet Girls Volume I'. I have heard nothing from the new album so far but I am sure it is pretty wacky and original, things we have come to expect from one of the more eccentric acts in the neighborhood. Regardless of his music, Slaven will forever be number one in my book for his job hosting 90.1 at Night which got me through many tough weekends in the past. I can't pick up that new station in my pent house so I haven't heard it since the move. Hope it is still good; I miss it.

B3 | The Adventures Of... | K.MC | John Stewart (Hailey's)

I could not find any information on any of these artist, maybe a little help Yeah Def? The tag line for this show is Flinch Face : Bands that are Shocking so I am expecting some extreme violence metal or some sort of Donny and Marie type incest act. I mean really what is shocking these days?

Dead Meadow | Sans Soleil (Rubber Gloves)

Dead Meadow and Sans Soleil share alot of the same attributes that I don't like but alot of other people seem to love.

Femme Fest (Phoenix Project)


Femme Fest (Phoenix Project)

Secret Cities | Melting Season | Abacus | Goldilocks and The Rock (Hailey's)


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