Thursday, July 29, 2010

IT List and White Drugs release on AmRep

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Denton's White Drugs, and its been even longer since I've thought much about late 80's/ 90's indie heavyweight Amphetamine Reptile, but today we have news on both fronts-- the record label, responsible for presenting the world with incredible records from bands such as The Cows, Jesus Lizard, Melvins, the Urinals, Dwarves, Killdozer, and more, will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a concert featuring performances from Melvins, Boss Hog and several others, including their latest signees-- White Drugs. The band has released its latest full length, Gold Magic, which has already been reviewed in Dusted Magazine and is available here. The label also included some choice words for Denton on its website:

"Denton, Texas is the cave these fuckers call home. Singer songwriter puh-lease. Exterminate yr dead-end trend. Stop being a person and become a man."

UPDATE-- White Drugs responded with some comments on how they connected with AmRep and more:

"I sent Tom a copy of Harlem on a whim when it was released. He took to it immediately and we started exchanging emails over the years--years due to our laziness and him (literally) being in a coma--about a collaboration. I sent him what would become the new LP after it was recorded and the talk of a split came up again. We recorded the other AmRep material whilst resting (aided by technical difficulties) on the LP--you know, no real impetus to put it out. We were asked to play TotalFest and Haze invited us play the 25th Anniversary shindig within the same week. Impetus appears. And shortly thereafter Haze offered up the AmRep logo so I obliged.

We're having an obligatory LP release soireƩ at RGRS on 8/19 w/ Puffy Areolas (Siltbreeze) and Kaboom."

(If you haven't seen Puffy Areolas live yet, do yourself a favor and go to this show. Trust me.)

Anyway, we've asked the band for some comments and we'll add them if and when they send them to us. Now for shows:

Peolpeodian/ Slow Animals/Stunts/Sextape (Dan's)

Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things/Diamond Age /H...N (The Nightmare)

Hypernova/The Yellow Dogs (Rubber Gloves)

Ceremony/Punch/Human Errr/High Anxities/Innards (1919 Hemphill)


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