Thursday, July 01, 2010

It List: Thursday

Psychedelic Furs/She Wants Revenge (Granada): Richard Butler's vocals have always killed me, and not in a good way, so I'm not exactly the guy that should or can write a nostalgic paragraph about tonight's show. In fact, the only nostalgia I have for the group is the fact that I associate it with "soundtrack dorks," or the certain kind of individual that works at video stores and only listens to soundtracks. I saw a couple of these narrow-visioned record hounds at Half Price Books on Northwest Highway the other day, and they really creeped me out. What's up with She Wants Revenge opening this show? That's either a classic record company move, or an older band misjudging what's currently cool by having some young blood tour with them. She Wants Revenge had a hit called "Tear You Apart" back in '05. Man, that pisses me off. '05, geez, what were we thinking? If you like the Psych. Furs, it will be really cool to see them at The Granada.

Ryan Thomas Becker/Caleb Ian Campbell (Kessler)

Wild In The Streets (The Amsterdam)


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