Thursday, July 22, 2010

It List: Thursday

Quintron & Miss Pussycat | Darktown Strutters | Nervous Curtains (The Loft)

This will be one of the most entertaining and joy filled experience you will have in a club this summer. Quintron & Miss Pussycat put on a surreal show filled with other worldly funktified beats and puppets that seem to exist in a demented child's fever dream. Don't think that these to are a comedy duo or novelty act, they also make some BRUTAL white boy funk. I really hope that the next season of Treme, the HBO drama following post Katrina musicians, choose this duo as a subject. I wonder if she lost any of her puppets in the flood? Regardless, don't miss this show.

Lady Gaga (American Airlines)

It's too bad that Lady Gaga's music isn't any better than it is because I really admire her as an artist and as pop icon in this burgeoning millennium. I don't follow or care for fashion trends but I do like to see people dressing like freaks and walking down the aisles of Target. The fashion scene, seen from my ambivalent eyes, has become really boring and not fun as of late. Why do people want to dress like Grand ma's? Lady Gaga uses a cool mix and mash of style that looks utterly ridiculous but will give us warm feeling thinking back ten years from now. Also, much like Madonna she seems interested in pushing taboos concerning sex, race, gender and all those other hot topics that popular artist shy away from. Her music is boring and redundant, but there is no one else who deserves to sellout American Airlines at the moment other than her.

Soular Power

Teenage Bottlerocket | Banner Pilot | Stymie | No Heroes (Rubber Gloves)


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