Tuesday, July 06, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Singles Going Steady with Chris Pickering/Adam Cahoon (Rubber Gloves): If you have ever wanted to attend a DJ event with DJ's that have spent many, many hours making fun of DJ's, then this is the DJ night for you. I mean, when it comes to this sort of "45's only" or "vinyl only" punk DJ events, you'll always hear how it's not really a DJ night, because it's punk, or Ye Ye, or garage, or other things that aren't dance music, or used to be dance music, or could never be dance music, so it's...you know...it's cool. Like, DJ's totally suck, but look, man, it's different when I do it, okay?! Because I like, know what good, real music is, you got me? You know I'm not like that Yeah Def guy, right? Naw, man, this ain't that. It's like I could have gone down that path, but I met some rich guy from West Plano back in 1997 that totally had a Crass patch and a $3,000 Sony Mavica and he would go to all the rap rock parties in high school and just hide in the corner and not talk to anyone, and take pictures. And then he would post his pics on a Geocities site, and describe the shows and post the pics. It was kind of like proto-blogging or like proto-"photo booth," ya know what I mean? Speaking of proto-shit, I have these proto-punk 45's by Destroy All Monsters* and Electric Eels* and they sound fantastic playing through the RGRS PA, got me?

Yeah Def (Hailey's): I had almost forgotten that Yeah Def still did this until I saw a comment he posted on Facebook.

*I totally do and you "DJ's" should borrow a couple sometime.


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