Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Screening: Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (Texas Theater, located at 231 West Jefferson Blvd.):

YellowFever/Aaron Barker (Dan's Silverleaf): YellowFever is possibly the best pop band in the state, and has been for, let's see...about four years now. How did 2006 get to be so long ago? Anyways, while many of you were listening to early bloghouse, this is what I was moping around to, and now that you have all moved on to minimal 80's synthpop and darkwave, I still on occasion mope around to YellowFever. Well, kind of. Due to the fact that their retrospective/compilation took so long to see its well-deserved release, they definitely remind me of 2006/2007, but they are often compared to 90's twee pop, and while that may be true on a superficial level, the songwriting is much more sophisticated than that, as are the accompanying harmonies. After all, how many twee artists went to Berklee? Hmm, maybe more than we think. YellowFever songs (especially "Donald" and "Alice" duh) are instantly memorable and a surefire and extremely sneaky way to lure the average kid into listening to "cool" music once they're ready to graduate from Yo Gabba Gabba or whatever. I personally don't think it's a good thing to force your kid to be hip before he or she is ready. I mean, isn't there plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to look anemic and mistreated by society in your teen years? Do we really need toddlers donning ironic sweaters or wearing mohawks and creepers like daddy right now? Come on. You've got your whole life to look stupid.


Boris/Russian Cirlces/Saade (the Loft)

This is Hell /Product of Waste/The Love Below/Judas/Burden me (19191 Hemphill)


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