Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Hole (House of Blues)

Whether or not Love's personal life is in complete shambles is a case for TMZ and not WSJR. I can tell you that her latest record is DOA. I'm not a huge Hole fan but Live Through This is a pretty great album that showed me at young age, along with Liz Phair, that women could indeed rock. I gave the new album a listen through this morning and it is pretty terrible. Not as terrible as the new Liz Phair album, but noxious none the less. The angst just isn't working for Ms. Love anymore. Maybe she thought she could interject some contemporary relevance by bringing in all new musicians after 12 years (Love is the only original remaining member) but the once fiery voice ends up sounding lazy and crabby.

Mates of State (Granada)

I'm sure Kori and Jason - the married couple behind Mates of State - are very happy and have a great working relationship, but their music has always had that stale feeling of a relationship that has gone on too long. Instead of expressing their desires to have sex and go to the movies with other people, the two stay together and continue the boring routine that got them through the last ten years and will coast them through the next ten or so.

Cage | Hate Your Guts | Timmy Wiggins (Hailey's)

I always have a problem with music that leaves no space for humor or levity. Why does this seem so prevalent in the white rapper scene? And please, do not use Eminemn as a rebuttal to the contrary.

Knifey Spoony
| No Heroes | Stymie | Those Damn Kids (1919 Hemphill)

Sir Name | XRY | DJ Wild in the Streets (Cavern)

XRY are visiting us from San Antonio and bring with them some funky boot stompers. Should be a solid under the radar night at the Cavern.


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