Sunday, July 11, 2010

Live Feed: Cuckoo Byrds/Pocket Change/Betdat

Last night was pretty chaotic. I arrived at Mabel Peabody's to find a disheveled Pocket Change outside the club sitting atop their equipment. Turns out that the band was not allowed inside of the club due to a member being underage, an issue the band believed was not going to be an issue. It looked like there might be some hope after the band spoke with some people familiar with the logistics of matters such as these. Lawyers were consulted, law books checked but the manager just wasn't having any of it.

So no Pocket Change. Bummer? Yes, but the show must go on. Unfortunately the manager of Mable Peabody's must not be familiar with that saying. The paying patrons were informed that the show was being shut down due to some complaints from bar regulars after a challenging and awesome set from the Cuckoo Byrds. I guess the mainstream just isn't ready for our community yet. It was a very surreal moment. I have attended shows that were shut down due to police intervention or excessive bleeding, but never because someone didn't like the music. Everyone who was in attendance (for the show) was in a state of shock for a good five minutes, left in a "Is this really happening?" state. Once the Lady GaGa came blaring in over the loud speaker the finality of it all sank in.

Instead of wallowing in negativity or burning the place down, the show was relocated to the residence of a member of one of the scheduled performers Betdat. What we have below is the debut performance from the newly formed and barely legal Pocket Change along with a clip of the gracious Betdat and the infamous Cuckoo Byrds in their bar shattering performance. It ended up being a much later night than I am sure anyone intended, but the comradery and shared enthusiasm for music experienced last night more than made up for that extra adderal I had to pop to get through Sunday school this morning.


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