Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not New Music

Hopefully you all have been making good use of this freakishly hot weather and throwing copious amounts of pool side partys. What better way to complete that Mad Men themed luau you have been planning than this 1963 out of print gem jiving through your I-phone. I know that Mad Men is up to 1965 at this point but I bet Don would throw this on if given the opportunity. What happened to that hip artist chick that got him stoned? They need to bring that character back. This is a great sounding beach side recording, filled with Bo's trademark self referential commentary. It's hard to listen to this and not hear the huge debt that fuzzy indie bands, from Jesus and Mary Chain to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart owe to Bo Diddley. Now that I think about parts of this album sound like they could be Sister Ray out takes as well.

dig it


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