Friday, July 09, 2010


There are some great shows this weekend, especially on Saturday. The show at Mabel's and the show at Pastime really stand out, as well as the usual excellent and unfortunately overlooked events at The Phoenix Project and 1919 Hemphill. 1919 Hemphill recently released their second compilation, entitled How Ya'll Doin' Tonight?, and perhaps we can get an unbiased review soon.

Some brief notes for the weekend's shows:

Austin's Silent Diane is one of many great bands from the Central Texas' very rich synth-heavy scene, and it's always great to hear music from Austin that isn't garage rock. They released a seven inch through Answering Machine Recordings, and I want to personally thank the label for helping to distribute our own release by Daniel Francis Doyle, We Bet Our Money On You, which is now on its second pressing.

It's good to see Pocket Change back in town, though I usually don't envy anyone that has ever moved somewhere cool, only to find themselves once again in North Texas. So hard to escape.

The Shiny Around The Edges show is supposed to have a deli tray.

All this "one venue presents a show at another venue" shit is really confusing.

Best Fwends are apparently a full band now. Can someone fill me in on the after-party?

I have heard that Indian Jewelry are a much tighter outfit lately, with more beats and less meandering.

Lightning Bolt are often a target of "extreme music" fans for not being extreme enough. Who cares? They didn't ask to be the early 2000's caricature of what it means to make "crazy music," and they were very good live when I saw them a very long time ago. I don't know how they have held up over the years, but my guess is probably pretty well, despite some movement into more classic rock-styled riffing. They are better than the Murder City Devils or whatever was supposed to cool in 2001, that's for sure.


The Schoolhouse and Wow Signal Productions present: Warbler PI/Good Night And Good Morning/Roger Sellers/Cody Robinson (J&J's Pizza)

New Fumes/Melting Season/Diamond Age (The Nightmare)

Disaster Strikes/Division Of Power/Stymie/Akkolyte (Phoenix Project)

Night Shift with Big J/Ricky Silk (The Cavern)

True Widow | Mansions | UME (Rubber Gloves):


Vulgar Fashion | Pocket Change | Betdat | Cuckoo Byrds (Mabel's)

Lollipop Shoppe Presents "The Trip" With The Lolli Dollies And DJ Slab Bacon (Sons Of Hermann Hall)

Dope On Plastic with Sober/DJ Love (The Cavern)

The Hold Steady (Granada)

PS Eliot | Football etc | Star Commander |Stymie (1919 Hemphill)



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