Friday, July 23, 2010



DYX/Orange Coax/George Quartz (Fallout Lounge): Orange Coax is about to embark on a lengthy US tour with the excellent No Babies, and will even be playing a couple of shows with the recently reunited legends, Arab On Radar. Yet another fine example of smart booking at The Fallout by Joshaa Flores.

Martin Kingsley/Wild Season Reprieve/My Heart Of Joy (1919 Hemphill)

Pack Of Wolves/Kill The Client/Maleveller/Golden Axe (The Nightmare)

Phosphorescent/Shiny Around The Edges/Dust Congress (The Kessler Theater)

Geezus Krust/Hood Rat/My Fist Your Face (8620 Gladwood Lane in Dallas)


Unconscious Collective/Welby/D And N (1119 N. Bishop in Dallas): This is a house show and there will also be art on display by Ricardo Oviedo, Nevada Hill, David Price, Evita Cortez, Alex Mitchell, Jason Barnett and more.

Yells At Eels featuring Alvin Fielder and Gaika James (The Kessler Theater)

Bass Drum Of Death/Bad Sports/Slang Chickens/The Coathangers/Leg Sweeper/Predator (The Nightmare)

New Pornographers/The Dodos/Imaad Wasif (The Loft)

Cry Blood Apache/Pinkish Black/Vaults Of Zin/Marriage Material/Ben White And Travis Box (Rubber Gloves)


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