Friday, July 30, 2010



Fletcher C. Johnson/A Giant Dog/Old Snack/Sir Name (Rubber Gloves)

Full Of Hell/Rotundus/Raging Boner/Embolization (Phoenix Project)

Top Notch With Sober/Tyrone Smiley/Schwa/Genova (Zubar)

Dear Human/Babar/Peopleodian (The Boiler Room)

Poison Control Center/Man Factory/Little Birds (Double Wide)

Anthony Stanford/Keith P/Ben White (Fallout Lounge)

Night Shift with Big J (The Cavern)


Bible Belt Bitfest 2 with Naxat/Yakuza Heart Attack/Albino Ghost Monkey/MicroD/Reteris/Pixyjunket/Visuals by Party Time! Hexcellent (1919 Hemphill):

Groove Suite with Brett Johnson/indo/James Preston (Fallout Lounge)

Annex House Presents: Baring Teeth/Hawk VS Dove/Dear Human (The Nightmare)

Blixaboy/Sextape/Mikey Rodge/Hunter Vaughan (The Cavern)

Screening: Action-Vaganza with Samurai Cop/Undefeatable (J&J's Pizza)

Screening: Trash Humpers (Texas Theatre located at 231 West Jefferson Blvd): Starts at 7:30 PM. Not only is this the premier, this is the only thing I've heard about Harmony Korine's newest feature being shown in this area, period. If anyone has any info on that, please let me know. This film won an award at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival, despite being an actual documentary. So naturally, everyone should see it.

GTFO Featuring Paranoid Freakout/Enemies Of Inertia/Life Erased/Akkolyte/Abuse Tactics/OT23/Black Friday/County Lines/Eccotone/37 Cents (Veterans Park Bandshell located at 3600 West Arkansas Lane in Arlington)


Kaboom/Uptown Bums/Kampfgrounds/Old Snack/The Rayzor Ranch Davidians (Jen Seman & Justin Lemons)/Cuckoo Byrds/Geistheistler (Little Guy's Warehouse 520 S Elm St. in Denton): From the description on our "Shows" page: ALL money collected will go to sterilizing local strays of Denton! We will be rocking out and selling baked goods. Bring cash and empty bellies!!! DONATIONS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!! This is going to be a fun day, but the purpose behind it is raising money for a good cause. If we ALL do a little we can do a lot!

Photo By Jim of Casper And The Cookies


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