Thursday, August 12, 2010

It List: Thursday

White Mountain/Maleveller/Big Fiction/Mitra (The Nightmare)

Psychic Steel/Fielded/Cuckoo Byrds/Orange Coax (Majestic Dwelling Of Doom)

Psychic Steel and Fielded are both visiting us from that great city of Chicago. Fielded sound like an Enyanized version of local favorites Fight Bite incorporating the same gloomy dream like pop-scapes but with more of a Renaissance Fair vibe than FB. While that may lead you to believe the sound is cheesy, the music still remains rather sophisticated yet down to Earth. Psychic Steel explores a more progressive take on the synthetic sound, more Moroder than Magnetic Fields. The band effectively breaks down the structures of some more popular indie music of today and deconstruct it almost to the point of critique. Think of The Residents covering The Beatles. Some of the songs can go on a little too long but the fresh approach more than makes up for it. Two out of town acts I have never heard before yesterday but both have me excited in the nether regions to see what their performances have in store. Orange Coax are fresh off their first second North American tour and I am sure they have some great battle scars which they will be more than happy to share as you buy a copy of their latest vinyl release. Happy Birthday to Dwelling of Doom Sergeant-at-Arms Natalie.


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