Thursday, August 19, 2010

It List: Thursday

Archeology/Battlehooch/Six Gallery (The Nightmare)

Blixaboy/Yells At Eels/New Fumes (The Cavern): I was glad to hear that Wanz is calling his newest record Kliks and Politiks since that happens to be one of his most-often made comments that we have quoted endlessly over the years. He will be joined by a drummer tonight, who I would have to imagine is pretty good in order to keep up with the staggeringly wild mess that Dover concocts live, no pun or insult intended. There is usually nothing "minimal" about what Wanz does, let's just get that out of the way right now. Speaking of good drummers, and good at everything really, Yells At Eels is also playing.

White Drugs/Puffy Areolas/Kaboom (Rubber Gloves): I have heard quite a bit about Ohio's Puffy Areolas and it looks like they will be playing with a much more suitable lineup than the last time they were and performed at Mable Peabody's. One of their labels likens them to the screeching and overdriven sound of Raw Power and who doesn't like that? White Drugs is playing not only a rare show, but an even rarer record release show for the limited edition run they have of their second album Gold Magic. It's cool that they released a record with AmRep, but I can't believe they did a split with Halo Of Flies more than anything. Here's an old review SR did on them from 2007. Remember that year? It was awesome.


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