Thursday, August 26, 2010

It List: Thursday

A lot of people have expressed concern that they won't know "where to find shows" now that We Shot JR is going away, however, I have an answer, though a slightly complicated one, and everyone that has ever said "Let me Google that for you" should go ahead and just jump off of Reunion Tower and do us all a favor.

I recently did an interview* with Pegasus News about the site ending, and I mentioned after the interview that I had missed their old calendar listings for some time now, since I thought they did away with their old calendar format. Well, apparently, I have just been overlooking the placement of the calendar after they did a site redesign a while back. So, stupid me, and of course, many of you will agree with that sentiment. Sure, it's not perfect, and it's best for listing big touring shows, but it's one of the easiest and most concise show listings available for DFW events, and it has quite often surprised me with the things I have overlooked. Special thanks to Pegasus News managing editor Sarah Blaskovich. Click here.

Also, you should always check both Dallas Hardcore and Dallas Dance Music for shows that you won't find in a lot of the traditional media outlets, and especially for events that take place at spots where they may only have a show once every six months, or even never again.

*Do I sound like a total pacifist in the interview? I didn't mean to. I don't know how I feel about that. The shows:

Yatagarasu/Savage And The Big Beat/Colossi/Naxat (J&J's Pizza): Pretty wild show that I didn't hear about until today.

Teenage Cool Kids/Mind Spiders/St. Dad/Best Fwends (Rubber Gloves): I'm guessing this might be one of your last chances to see Teenage Cool Kids for quite some time, so I would go ahead and make it out if possible. I have seen different things listed as to who is actually playing tonight in different places for this show, but hey, all that usually means is that everyone is so excited to go that they start making up dream lineups in their heads and posting them. St. Dad's vocals have the taunted little brat sound that I wish the Strange Boys had stuck with, but I understand. Many bands start with a good gimmick, and you're second act is often to grow out of it. I was pretty struck by this band actually. Best Fwends are a group that once made a recording engineer I know remark that they "are everything wrong with music today." That actually made me like them more. That was during their ipod/rap/a capella phase, but last time I saw them they had a full rock lineup and played a pretty spot-on version of "March Of The Pigs" that everyone liked ironically except that Gutterth guy. Mind Spiders is a local band that released a record through Dirt Nap but nobody has really covered them yet. Weird. I assume that will change soon.

TCK's Andrew Savage was working on a an actual physical zine called "Wild Style" and I hope that I get to see a copy of that before he's off to New York.

80/s Night: La Discoteca D'Italia with Anthony Stanford/Yeah Def (Hailey's): I don't know if this is every week, but I would love to have a place to hear Italo on a regular basis, and unfortunately there has been somewhat of a void with deep-cut, non-John Hughes 80's stuff since DJ G left. Looks like Yeah Def is still on-board, and I hope the theme is permanent.


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