Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Paranoid Freakout/Releaser/Akkolyte/Life Erased/Enemies Of Inertia (Phoenix Project)

Nerfbau/Take Up Serpents/Run DMT/Tonstartssbandht/Vulgar Fashion (Majestic Dwelling Of Doom): There was a recent discussion in this blog's comments section about whether or not "noise is legit" or something like that. Wait, are we still on that? That's like asking if the internal combustion engine is legit or some passing fad. Weird.

Tonight's Doom Show features two sets of bands on tour together, and one of the most solid Denton acts left from the Great-Not-To-Mention-Inevitable-Denton-To-New York Migration Of 2010. That is not at all a knock against people moving to New York, which I hear a lot of around town. I say get out however you can, to wherever you can, whenever you can. There's nothing noble about stubbornly pledging your allegiance to any part of the world and you should never let a place define you. ANYWAYS:

Nerfbau is a West Coast act that plays in an "ear ripping" and yet scratchy and crumbling style, and is on the more antagonistic side of noise-making. Their tour-mates, Taking Up Serpents, seem to be a little more restrained, however both acts incorporate a lot of unsettling and strange sounds.

Run DMT is from Baltimore and plays much more accessible music; a fairly familiar brand of colorful psych pop that would probably appeal to everyone from the kind of old-souled middle-schooler you may have seen at the Hailey's show last night, to the kind of cassette nerds that read Wire and know more about everything than you do. Here's a New York Times article on the beloved Silent Barn DIY venue that mentions Run DMT, and you can go the artist's Myspace page for some free Mediafire releases.

Tonstartssbandht is touring with Run DMT, and seems to have a similar deconstructionist view on melodic music; the most potent example being "Black Country," a ridiculous reworking of Big Country's namesake song and one of the most charming pieces of pop I've heard at work today.

Screening: The Dungeon Masters (The Texas Theater, located at 231 West Jefferson Blvd. in Oak Cliff):
Was there ever any doubt that Kevin McAlester was the superior host when one looks at what he's done since his years on The Adventure Club? Not only did he have the best taste when he was a Dallas DJ, he went on to make a very well-received documentary on Roky Erickson, and now it looks like he's continuing to do quality work with a much different (though they might share some of the same subject matter if one considers Erickson's lyrical content) topic: the frightening world of RPG-obsessed individuals, and their often difficult balance of real life and fantasy. The Youtube preview above looks pretty interesting and is just another example of why Josh Venable increasingly looks like a high school bully that listens to third-rate Britpop and continues to hang out on campus long after graduation.


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